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Full Name: Elizabeth Renfro (Dr)
Known Aliases: Madam X

Date of Birth: Unknown
Profile Status: Incomplete


The true identity of Dr. Elizabeth Renfro is a mystery, as all trace of her existence appears to have perished within the fires that destroyed Manticore itself.
Renfro was director of Manticore’s Washington base, 30 miles north of Seattle. She was largely responsible for having Colonel Lydecker removed from the Project Manticore committee, and in 2020 she began conducting her own secret experiments upon the transgenics, in particular X5-656 (Tinga), who she kidnapped from Lydecker’s charge after her recapture. After murdering X4-656 she had the transgenic’s body placed into some kind of extraction chamber. It is unknown what her true reason was for this, but it appears she was searching for the secret that in fact lies within X5-452’s genetic make up.

After the gene bank was destroyed in 2020, Renfro began to pair X5’s together in a breeding programme.
Shortly after this breeding program began, X5-452’s younger clone developed an advanced form of progeria, a disease which caused her to age prematurely at an incredible rate. To discover why this same genetic defect had not effected X5-452, Renfro ran tests on her. It was then that Renfro discovered Max possessed absolutely no junk DNA.

At last Renfro had discovered what she had been searching for in X5-656. But shortly after learning this, Manticore’s true identity and location became compromised by an Eyes Only boardcast, forcing Renfro to give the order to cauterize the facility.

Renfro was killed shortly after this order was given, when she took a bullet intended for Max, and died in the transgenic’s arms. Before dying, she told Max to seek Sandeman, but the transgenic had no idea what this message meant, or where to find him.
It is speculated that Renfro was connected in some way with the Familiars. She most certainly had some knowledge of Sandeman’s original plan for the transgenics (and for Max) before the government took over, although how much she knew and who’s side she worked on, will never be known.

Profile Credits: The Broken World


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