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Full Name:Zack
Designation: X5-599

Known Aliases: Zack, Sam, Adam Thompson

Barcode: 330417291599

Date of Birth: Unknown
Current Location: A ranch. Possibly in Canada or the boondocks of America.
Profile Status: Incomplete

Zack, one of Max’s X5 siblings, is perhaps the most volatile and commited of Manticore’s genetically-enhanced super-beings. He masterminded their escape on that fateful wintry night in 2009, and it was thought at the time that Zack gave his life to save Max and the others.

Differing from Max, who embraces her own humanity, Zack remained an escaped super-soldier, frequently drawn to the dark, therapeutic pleasures of danger and violence, until his seemingly final sacrifice to save her.

After harvesting Zack’s heart to transplant into Max’s own mortally-wounded body, Manticore kept Zack’s body alive and strapped to machines with the intention of harvesting the rest of him for transgenics wounded in battle.

Shortly before Renfro burns Manticore to the ground, Zack is transferred to another facility where cutting edge technology replaces his missing organs. Somehow he ends up back on the streets of Seattle (presumably sold off to the quickest buyer by a lab tech after Manticore is uncovered) and Max finds him in the ‘care’ of the local Steelhead community who are siphoning out the nanocytes in his body.

Max helps Zack to regain his memory, but encountering Logan causes him to also recall on a subconscious level, a certain brain-washing technique Manticore used on him to percieve “Eyes Only” as an enemy he must destroy. Choosing Logan over the man who sacrificed himself to save her, Max electrocutes Zack. It doesn’t kill him, but it does fry his brain and cause him to lose his memory all over again.

This is seen by Max and Logan as an opportunity to give Zack a life of peace and cow-milking he could never have before, and so they send in a farmer to tell him his name is actually ‘Adam Thompson’ and pack him off to a ranch to live out his remaining years.

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Profile Credits: Dark Angel Topps Card (#12) & The Broken World
Images: TBW Gallery

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