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Full Name:Syl
Designation: X5-701
Known Aliases: None

Barcode: 331366001701

Date of Birth: Unknown
Profile Status: Incomplete

Syl is one of Max’s long lost ‘siblings’ who escaped Manticore in 2009. Prior to the escape, she was responsible for the death of a fellow X5 when she shot at a crow during a training mission, missed the bird and struck a unit member instead. It is unknown whether any disciplinary action was taken against her as a result of this carelessness.

Syl was reunited with Max when she joined Krit (who she is believed to travel with, although this is an unconfirmed speculation) and Zack to take down Manticore’s Wyoming base, with the aid of Lydecker and Logan. Syl (and Krit) was responsible for destroying Manticore’s main and auxilary generators during the attack. After Max and Zack were presumed to be K.I.A. (killed in action), Syl left Seattle and her whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

Profile Credits: The Broken World
Images: TBW Gallery

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