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Civilian Name: Max Guevera

Designation: X5-452

Known Aliases: Rachel Glasser, Linda Eastman, Whitney Mann
Barcode: 332960073452 (X5-452)
Date of Birth: Unknown (possibly 01.04.00)

Status: Alive

Current Location: Terminal City, Seattle

Profile Status: Incomplete

Max, sometimes known as Max Guevara, is a cynical, tough, yet deeply caring teenager living in post-apocalyptic Seattle. She grew up under the iron fist of Manticore, a nefarious government program that created bio-engineered human beings with enhanced physical and mental powers.

Ten years after she and her “siblings” escape from this installation, Max becomes an ally of cyber journalist/freedom fighter Logan Cale. She engages in various heroic, highly dangerous missions while aiding her fellow Manticore escapees.

One of the twelve escapees from the covert genetics lab known as Manticore, Max was genetically engineered using feline DNA. Among the various enhanced abilities at her disposal is augmented physical strength, a skill she uses to take down bad guys in the Pulse-pounded arena of futuristic Seattle.

Max and her Manticore siblings were part of a genetic experiment by scientists to create advanced infantry soldier. As a result, Max possesses remarkable physical abilities that serve her well as she aids Logan Cale in his battle against post-Pulse corruption.

Although Max was initially reluctant to join Logan Cale’s “Eyes Only” crusade, her conscience – and a growing fondness for Logan himself – eventually changed her mind. She has rescued the courageous cyber journalist on a number of occasions.

Abilities: Max is also gifted with both telescopic and night vision, hypersensitive hearing and superior mental processing skills. She needs all this and more when combating the ruthless Red menace, augmented human warriors who can match her remarkable skills.

Among the various enhanced abilities Max makes use of in her ongoing battle for survival are extraordinary strength, speed, agility and – not surprising, given her unique DNA – catlike reflexes and dexterity.

Info Credits: Dark Angel Topps cards. Max’s date of birth from Art Asylum’s ‘Max’ action figure packaging.
Images: TBW Gallery

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