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Known Aliases: None

Barcode: None

Date of Birth: Unknown. 1990’s.
Status: Alive
Current Location: Terminal City, Seattle

Profile Status: Incomplete

Joshua was the first living transgenic created within Manticore, and is unique from all other transgenics for the fact that he is the only one without a barcode. Joshua and his identical brother Isaac (who was created with a barcode) were very close to their creator, Professor Sandeman, and referred to the professor as ‘Father’. Joshua even wore a necklace given to him by Sandeman, bearing the Familiar’s caduceus symbol. It was this necklace which first indicated to Max that transgenics and familiars were somehow linked.

After Sandeman left Manticore, Joshua was left to roam the catacombs of Manticore and took it upon himself to care for the nomolies locked within the basement who the guards often forgot to feed.

Joshua helped Max escape Manticore three months after she was recaptured, and set the nomolies free when the faculty was destroyed. He made his way to Seattle where he lived in Sandeman’s long deserted villa, in wait of the return of his ‘Father’.

Shortly after taking refuge in Sandeman’s house, Joshua was reunited with his brother Isaac, when he found himself covering up for the grisly murders Isaac had commited against sector cops (who he believed to be the Manticore guards who had tortured and mutilated him). Joshua was forced to kill his brother in order to save Max.

In the basement of Sandeman’s house, Joshua came across oil paints and canvases and through trial and error, he became a gifted artist (of a rather abstract technique), even going so far as to sell paintings to an art gallery (with the help of Alec who was all to happy to cash in on his friend’s talent).

After months of hiding from the ‘upstairs people’, Joshua met a blind girl called Annie who was led to his home after her guide dog picked up the transhuman’s scent. Annie was later murdered by Ames White who framed Joshua for her death. Heartbroken, Joshua moved out of Sandeman’s house and into Terminal City where he became friends with a group of nomolies and transhumans and began to heal from his loss.

Joshua (and Mole) proved to be the catalyst for the anti-transgenic movement when an attempt to provide aid for a pregnant X5 and her X6 companion went awry, and they were forced to take refuge within Jam Pony and take hostage of it’s occupants.

Joshua painted the ‘freak nation’ flag which flies from the top of a Terminal City building and represents the transgenics’ quest from the darkness and bloodshed of their past and present, and into the light of freedom.

Profile Credits: The Broken World
Images: TBW Gallery

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