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Full Name:Biggs
Designation: Unknown
Barcode: Unknown

Known Aliases: None

Date of Birth: Unknown
Status: Deceased

Raised in Manticore’s Washington base, Biggs was an X5 soldier who worked with Alec on several away missions including the Volkovitch job, in Kezmekistan.

When Alec and Max began helping out the transgenics taking refuge within Terminal City, Biggs was one of the transgenics who managed to secure a job at Jam Pony thanks to Alec. Biggs delivered his packages on motorbike and quickly became one of Jam Pony’s most efficient workers.

During a break in his deliveries one day, Biggs was singled out by NSA agents who were testing out a new device which could identify transgenics by their body heat. Forced to make a break, Biggs managed to escape the agents easily enough, but was struck down in a surprise attack by a gang of civilians who identified him in a police television broadcast.

Before Alec and Max were able to come to his aide, Biggs was beaten to death and lynched by his ankles, much to the delight of a large group of anti-transgenics who then burnt a wooden X before his lifeless body. This burning X then became the symbol of hatred against transgenics.

Profile Credits: The Broken World
Images: TBW Gallery

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