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Full Name:Ben
Designation: X5-493
Barcode: 331845739493

Known Aliases: Unknown

Date of Birth: Unknown
Status: Deceased

Ben was one of the transgenics who escaped from Manticore in Febuary 2009. As a child he used to make shadow puppets on the walls to keep his siblings’ spirits up, and was responsible for creating ‘The Blue Lady’ – a deity his unit gave offerings of their teeth to, in return for her protection from the nomolies in the basement.

Unfortunately, Ben was unable to adjust to life outside of Manticore, and in 2020 he began to kidnap men, ritualistically tattoo his barcode onto their necks, set them free in a forest with a weapon and hunt them down. Finally he would remove their teeth with surgical precision, and lay the teeth before a Virgin Mary statue as an offering to his Blue Lady.

When Max discovered what her brother was doing she went after him, but unfortunately Manticore was also on his trail. Unable to convince him to change his ways, Max was forced to fight against him. Ben’s story came to an end when he begged her to kill him, rather than be taken back to Manticore and locked away with the nomolies. Max complied by snapping his neck.

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Profile Credits: The Broken World
Images: TBW Gallery

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