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Full Name: Alec McDowell
Designation: X5-494
Known Aliases: Alec, Simon Lehane, ‘Monty Cora’
Barcode: 331845739494
Date of Birth: Unknown
Status: Living in Terminal City, Seattle
Profile Status: Incomplete

Alec is the clone of Max’s deceased sibling Ben. Assigned as Max’s breeding partner after she was recaptured by Manticore, Alec earns his name from Max who likes to place names upon transgenics according to their most prominent attribute; “smart aleck” being what sprung to mind upon her first five minutes in the company of X5-494. (Her second choice was Dick.) Needless to say, Manticore’s attempts to pair Max and Alec together were unsuccessful, although Alec covered up Max’s reluctance (and saved her from further re-indoctrine) by claiming their copulation was successful. Twice. 😉

Alec helped Max to escape Manticore, albeit on the orders of Dr. Renfro. He was under order to bring Max back to Manticore after she successfully infected “Eyes Only” with a deadly retrovirus targeted at the cyber-journalist’s DNA. But when Renfro’s plan backfired and Manticore was razed to the ground, Alec found himself drawn to a resentful Max and her friends after his own life as a soldier was destroyed. Initially a thorn at Max’s side, Alec eventually proved himself to be a valuable ally, helping to establish order and leadership to the chaos of Terminal City and providing assistance to transgenics fleeing the persecution of anti-transgenic groups and the NSA.

X5-494: The Soldier
X5-494 wasn’t always a good soldier. Trained as an assassin, he successfully fulfilled four short term missions but spent a length of time in re-indoctrine after botching up his first deep-cover mission; the Berrisford Agenda.

494 also spent some time being poked, prodded and examined by Manticore doctors after his twin 493 (Ben) was discovered to be a tooth-pulling psychopath. It was a precaution Manticore took to ensure Ben’s flaws weren’t genetic.

Despite the re-indoctrine, 494 still refused to toe-the-line as the ‘perfect’ soldier, and had shady dealings in Manticore – trading his Manticore-prescribed drugs to guards in return for cash, cigars, and whatever else he could swing some kind of turnover from.

Alec: Beyond Manticore
Initially Alec seemed to look out for himself only, but as time went by and he learnt some things about himself, those around him and the world at large, Alec became a much more genuine and compassionate person than he’d started off to be – even giving up his identity as a civilian bike messenger and risking his own life for those around him.

Profile Credits: The Broken World
Images: TBW Gallery

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