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The transgenic experiment began in 1991 Sandeman began his transgenic experiment, first creating a transhuman who was given the name of Joshua, followed by his brother, Issac. Joshua possessed too much canine DNA to pass for human, but the point was that he managed to survive outside the womb, possessed no deformities, and continued to grow stronger and healthier with age.

From 1994 until 1997 the knack of creating the perfect batch of transgenics was well under way, and at times many attempts resulted in creatures with severe abnormalities which were subsequently locked away out of sight and out of mind while scientists continued to refine their experiments.

As the years progressed, Manticore created a range of specialised transgenics to suit a variety of different climates, environments and purposes Some were built merely to dig trenches (whether these were in fact ‘defective’ transgenics who were intelligent enough to at least be given simple tasks, it’s unsure), some were designed with gills for amphibious sabotage, some were created with telepathic abilities such as telecoercion; for use in reindoctrination or on political prisoners.

And then in 1998 came the first truly shining success: the X5 class. These would be the first of the perfect human weapon. Created from a patchwork of genius and black leapord, these children were capable of a strength and agility no mere human had ever been able to match. Each one was a genius. Each one was capable of killing a full grown man at an age where most children were still learning how to spell simple words. And each one was as human in appearance as you and I. And as a special bonus, each X5 had type 0-negative blood – the universal bloodtype. Comes in handy when an organ donation or blood transfusion is required.

The X5 abilities include:

  • Extra-ordinary strength, speed, agility, catlike reflexes and dexterity
  • Telescopic & night vision
  • Hypersensitive hearing
  • Superior mental processing skills
  • Photographic memory
  • The ability to ‘blur’ (move faster than the eye can follow)
  • Immunity to disease

The X5 class was under the charge of Colonel Lydecker who was responsible for overseeing their military training. Raised without love or compassion, these children knew only that if they failed to be anything less than a shining example of Manticore’s success, they would be regarded as defects and taken away to be dissected and examined – or to the basement where they would live with the other anomolies who had failed to make their grade.

Unfortunately, cracks in this ‘perfect soldier’ unit begins to appear when several X5’s develop seizures.

In 2004 Manticore creates the X6. The upgrade of the X5. Stronger, faster, smarter, and lacking in the defects carried by the X5’s (seizures).

2010 brings the X7 class. By this time the scientists have grown a little bored of the feline DNA and have decided to add a bit of bat to the cocktail. Thus creating a completely unique class of hive-minded transgenic who communicate via sonar. Scary buggers.

PROFILE CREDITS: Covert Operation & X5-494: Genetically Empowered (for reference to dates)

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