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Full Name: Sandeman (surname)
Location: Unknown

Profile Status: Incomplete

Professor Sandeman was once a revered Familiar, perhaps even a member of the
Conclave itself.  But as a scientist, he felt selective breeding was an outdated method of strengthening the species when genetic engineering could accomplish the same results. He also felt the methods they used to test themselves against the Coming (using a deadly
pathogen from the comet carried within a special breed of snake) was
too risky and entirely unnecessary; Only a percentage of Familiars survived the
test, and even then, there was no guarentee that those who were strong enough to
take on the snake blood test would survive the pathogens released from
the comet itself, when the time came.  

Sandeman believed that by using science and technology,
he could replace selective breeding with genetic engineering, thus
creating Familiars with instant immunity to the comet, or perhaps
create an antidote that would proove effective against the alien pathogen
for both Familiars and humankind itself. 

The Conclave were content to cling to their old ways and their religion, and thought Sandeman’s cynical scientific ideas were heresy.
But the Professor was particularly driven to find a reliable cure as he knew his youngest son, CJ, had no chance of surviving the test, let
alone the comet itself.

It appears the Conclave were aware to some extent of
Sandeman’s work at Manticore; he certainly had no problem in using the ancient
Chimera symbol found associated with Familiar burial sites as the logo image for
the covert facility.  How much the familiars knew of Manticore is unsure,
but it appears they were aware to some extent of what Sandeman was doing, and eventually attempted to remove him permenantly from the project.
A few years before the escape of 2009, Professor Sandeman was forced to go into hiding, and was not heard of again. The Manticore project was then taken over by the US government who used the professor’s work as a means to create the perfect military army.

To this day, the whereabouts of Professor Sandeman remain unknown.

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Profile Credits: The Broken World

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