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Full Name: Donald Michael Lydecker (Colonel)
Known Aliases: ‘Deck’

Date of Birth: ?/?/1968
Profile Status: Incomplete

Donald “Deck” Lydecker enlisted in the army straight
after graduating from college, and married his hometown sweetheart. He was
accepted to O.C.S and graduated at the top of his class. From there he was
assigned to third ranger battalion, where he saw action in Panama, Kuwait, and
Somalia – to name a few. He was then made captian and assigned to delta
force. He gained a legion of merit, and at the height of his career, a
purple heart.

Following the murder of wife in 1995, his behavior
became erratic. He received half a dozen disciplinary infractions inclu0g
insubordination, disorderly conduct and D.U.I., and his downward
spiral soon resulted in his dishonorable discharge from the army that same

An admission to the ADAP (Alcohol and drug abuse
program-rehab for military personnel) in 1996 finally turned his life around and
he was assigned as head of the Manticore Project.

From then onwards, Lydecker’s life was dedicated to
working with the transgenics; overseeing their training as perfect military
weapons, and thinking of himself as a father figure to children who could not
understand the concept of ‘parents’. However the escape of twelve X5’s in
2009 put his job on the line, and he was forced to turn his attention to
recapturing them – a task which he would spend over a decade of his life trying
to complete.

In 2020 Lydecker became a liability to Manticore, as his
determination to bring the rebel transgenics in alive had resulted in the
failure of several efforts to contain the escapees, and these failures were
compromising Manticore’s own security.

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