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A covert facility originally created by Professor Sandeman to genetically advance his own kind (the breeding cult) and later taken over by the US government to produce the ultimate human military weapons.

Profile: Project Manticore
Location: Seattle, Washington
Profile Status: Incomplete

“Since the early 1990s, billions of your tax dollars have been diverted from legitimate government programs to fund secret experiments in genetic engineering. This covert operation is known as Project Manticore. Its goal: to create the perfect soldier, genetically enhanced for superior strength and speed. These children are subjected to relentless training and propaganda…” *

Originally located outside of Gillette, Wyoming; Project Manticore smoothly ran it’s DNA labs and training facilities under the guise of beng a Strategic Air Force Base.

Beneath such a cover, the project was free to play around with the wonders of genetic engineering, creating test-tube babies which were carried to term within volunteer surrogate mothers (usually quite young, naive, and in need of the money) and then raised within a cold, clinically sterile environment as doctors and scientists tested each one for weaknesses in order to create the perfect weapon.

Project Manticore’s success was brought to it’s knees in February of 2009, when 12 of the X5-series escaped. Too skilled in evasive manouvers for the TAC teams to catch, these soldier-children made their way into the world that existed outside of Manticore, seeking a freedom they would never truly find. How could they truly be free when each day was spent looking over their shoulders, knowing if they ever stopped running, Manticore would bring them back in?

After this damning breech in Manticore’s security (and secrecy), the Wyoming base was shut down and the base’s inhabitants were transferred to a second Manticore base outside of Seattle. Colonel Lydecker was now put in charge of recovering the 12 rebel transgenics. The leashes were tightened upon the transgenics who remained behind, after the higher powers in charge of Manticore realised their efforts to stifle human sentiment within their machine-like soldiers, had failed. The twins of the escapees were put through rigorous tests in effort to discover any genetic problem that may have been the cause of the 12 traitors to develop minds of their own and escape. Months of reindoctrine and reprogramming, and even then, the bad history of their rebel twins left an everlasting stain upon their own records.

Despite the escape of ’09 and the electromagnetic-pulse attack by terrorists a couple of years later which wiped out all of America’s power grids and caused its economy to collapse, Manticore ran like a well-oiled machine; deploying soldiers on covert both overseas missions (including the operation which brought down Saddam Hussein) and within it’s own country, and providing America with it’s secret weapon which no other country had yet been able to crack.

Until May of 2020 when a team of four ’09 escapees infiltrated the DNA lab and auxiliary generator, and burnt it to the ground, forcing Manticore to move its facility 30 miles north of Seattle, Washington, where it then existed under the cover of being a Verterans Administration hospital.

Manticore was destroyed once and for all when in September of 2020, the true identity of the Vet hospital was revealed by cyber-journalist and freedom-fighter, Eyes Only. This in turn forced >Director Renfro to cauterize Manticore in the hope of destroying all evidence of its existance – including the transgenics trapped within their barracks.

However, one transgenic, an ’09 escapee by the designation of X5-452 who had been recaptured only three months earlier, released most of the transgenics from what would have been their pyres, allowing them the freedom they had never asked for.

A specialist team headed by Special Agent Ames White was sent in by the NSA to gather up the transgenics and finish the job of eliminating them, but having trained in Evade and Escape techniques since childhood, most of the Manticore soldiers managed to go to ground and out-manouver all efforts for their capture.

* Designate This transcripts.

Profile Credits: Covert Operation
Images: TBW Gallery

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