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Full Name: Reagan Ronald
Known Aliases: Normal

Date of Birth: Unknown
Profile Status: Incomplete

He’s anything but normal, which is how Reagan Ronald got the nickname. Born to arch liberal parents, ‘Normal’ grew up to be an arch conservative. His hero is George Herbert Walker Bush, and he knows enough about the ex-president to win a political Jeopardy contest. As a boss, he’s snarky, obnoxious, intolerant and has absolutely no respect for his employees. And of course, they treat him with the same kind of affection (or lack of).

“I don’t know how to break this to you, Normal. We’re all looking for another job.” So said Max to Normal in the Pilot ep. But somehow they always end up sticking together. No matter how cranky Normal is – his’ deadbeat’ employees stick around, and no matter how late Max and her co-workers stroll in to work – he never gets around to firing them.

Once all the secrets of Manticore come to light, Normal is one of the first to jump on the anti-transgenic bandwagon and is determined to snuff out every last one, despite the fact that Jam Pony becomes “Transgenic Central right under his nose” and he doesn’t even realise. But when push comes to shove, Normal proves himself to have far more depth and loyalty than anyone could imagine, by helping an X5 deliver her baby in the final ep, Freak Nation, and becoming one of the their greatest allies when he adamently tells a reporter that transgenics are “Monsters? No. No more than you and me.”

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Profile Credits: Bip bip bip! the Normal fanlisting
Images: TBW Gallery

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