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Ames White

Name: Ames White (formerly Ames Sandeman)

Known Aliases: Known to operate under the badges of CIA, FBA, NSA
Date of Birth: Unknown

Profile Status: Incomplete

Special Agent Ames White is part of a covert branch of the NSA, hired to clean up the transgenic mess created after the destruction of the Manticore facility in 2020, and smother the rumours of their existence beneath the heavy blanket of denial. Because the transgenics are not supposed to exist, neither is his job within the NSA. He hides his true identity and intentions behind various government agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA) but his true aligence is to a group much more secretive than even the most covert operations of Manticore itself.


Initially his tactics were successful. Knowing that Manticore had taught their soldiers to look out for rendezvous signals in the night sky, he programmed a message ordering the transgenics to regroup at a specific designation. Believing that Manticore had been under attack and that command was now re-established, the wandering transgenics made their way to their destination point and straight into Ames Whites’ trap. As each group or individual would appear, he would order his men to shoot them down.

Just as X5-452 had interferred with Dr. Renfro’s attempts to cauterize Manticore and all within it, she became a thorn in Ames Whites’ side when with the help of a group of transgenics, she re-wrote the signal, ordering all remaining Manticore soldiers to go to ground.

After his initial attempt to lure the transgenics into ambush amounts to failure, he tries a new tactic. He captures one of the transgenics, X5-494 aka Alec, and offers him an ultimatum. Either he delivers to White the barcodes of three dead transgenics, or he dies. The option of death is offered by insertion of a micro-explosive in the base of Alec’s skull. He has 24 hours to deliver the barcodes to White, or his head explodes.

White’s plan once more is foiled by , but of course he continues to hunt transgenics through other means. Failure is not acceptable. His attention is particularly fixed on capturing X5-452 due to information he recieved during his first attempt to eliminate transgenics, regarding her unique DNA. When she eventually kidnaps his son, Ames White’s focus on X5-542 becomes much more personal.

As mentioned earlier, Ames White’s true reason for taking on the job of wiping out the transgenics is not to serve and protect his country, but to serve the wishes of the Conclave – leaders of an ancient selective breeding cult which he was born into, who call themselves Familiars.

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Profile Credits: The Broken World


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