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Name: Familars aka Breeding Cult
Country of Origin: Worldwide. Ancestral links to Ancient Minoans.
Profile Status: Incomplete

The Familiars are a five thousand year old breeding cult who are bent on seeing the extinction of not just the transgenics, but all of humanity itself. Led by a committee of elders called the Conclave, the familiars possess genetic superiority far beyond that of normal human beings, and equal to (if not surpassing) the strength and intelligence of the transgenics.Descending from the Minoans, a race that mysteriously disappeared around 1000BC, the Familiars follow an ancient prophesy that declares the weakest of humankind will eventually be wiped from the earth, and so to protect themselves agains this they have practiced selective breeding over the past 5000 years, to strengthen themselves against what they refer to as the ‘Coming’.Through selective breeding they have erradicated many of the weaknesses of the human race – including the ability to feel pain – and possess an enormous physical and mental strength which rivals even that of the transgenics. Seeing their kind as the dominant species, the Familiars have little regard for humankind and eagerly await the day when they can claim the earth as their own, and cease living in such secrecy.When a familiar infiltrates the transgenic’s stronghold, Terminal City, and is captured, the transgenics discover it is no coincidence that Ames White was put in charge of their extermination.

The familiars’ hatred of the transgenics stems not only from the threat they pose, but also from the fact that their creation is a betrayal, and a shame to the entire race of the Familiars. It was one of their own kind who was the scientist responsible for founding Project Manticore. Professor Sandeman.

The Familiars at last gained a chance to destroy the transgenics when Special Agent Ames White to sent in to cover up their existnace following the cauterization of the Manticore facility in 2020. Ames White’s resolve to destroy the transgenics was particularly intense, as his father was Professor Sandeman himself. Ames White was determined to prove to the Conclave that Sandeman’s betrayal did not run in the family.

At this time, Ames White has not succeeded in convincing his superiors.


Information of the familiars existance first came to light when Colonel Lydecker followed clues to one of their ancient burial sites and discovered the Manticore symbol was in fact originally used by the breeding cult itself. Before Lydecker could find out enough information to make any kind of solid connection between Manticore and the Familiars, the SUV he was travelling was run off the road and into a river, and his body was never discovered.

Lydecker’s leads were picked up by X5-452 and Eyes Only but the Familiars cover their tracks well. By back-tracing ancient legends of humans posessing extraordinary strength and build, Eyes Only gradually began to peice together information on the breeding cult, and when 452 had an encounter with Ames White which left her the worse for wear, they realised he too was wrapped up in it. But it was 452’s interference at the initation ritual of Ames Whites’ son which gained them even more peices to fit within the puzzle.

When 452 was accidently branded with the kariff used to release the pathogen into the bloodstream, the familiars found out that Sandeman’s work at Manticore had progressed further than they had ever imagined. 452 was completely immune to the pathogen. In fact she didn’t even suffer a single symptom of illness.

Conclusive tests were run on transgenics captured by Ames White, proving that the transgenics are in fact as capable of surviving the Coming as the Familiars themselves.

Profile Credits: The Broken World
Images: TBW Gallery

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