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The Broken World is now on Tumblr, and while I’m by no means new to Tumblr (my other home is here), I am completely out of touch with its DA fandom. And I know there is one – I’ve seen gifsets damnit! So… I’m going to need some reindoctrination. If you’re reading this, and you’re on Tumblr, please drop me an ask and say hi! Also, gifset requests are welcome.

In other news… Sweet baby Jesus. Looking at how much work I need to put into in order to bring it back up to scratch, I just remembered why I put it into hiatus in the first place. Oh well, the episode transcripts for both S1 and S2 and character bios are still functioning at least! Oh, it looks like a lot of those episode transcript links are broken. Queue a new task for my Things To Do list!

Tomorrow is another day.

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