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New Site Layout In Progress…

I’ve had to upgrade the WordPress script that powers TBW, but because it was so outdated, the old site layout just isn’t working with this new version of WP. Therefore I’m in the process of either trying to tweak the old layout, or creating a new one afresh – what ever’s easiest for me to work around.

If you’re trying to access the Multimedia section, it has been temporarily removed, as the Gallery was in fact broken (there were THOUSANDS of Dark Angel photos on the Gallery, yet it would only display one character’s folder??) and many of the images on it had such huge file sizes that the Gallery hogged a large portion of my website’s disc space. I hope to put many of the images back online when I can, and of course get the DA fan vids, episode clips and soundbytes etc back up.

Don’t forget that while there are many parts of the site that are MIA, the fan fiction are is still in action, as are the fanlistings. Go check them out now – bip bip bip!

And, feel free to leave me comments with your suggestions on what you think should be at TBW – feedback is always welcome, ESPECIALLY when it’s genuine and not the vast amount of spam I’ve been wading through!!

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