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Are You a FAN of Fan Fiction?

If you have for one moment thought to yourself during an episode rerun ‘I wish that scene ended a different way’, you’re probably not the only one. And if you search through enough fan fiction archives, chances are there’s someone out there who’s not only shared that thought, but put it down in writing: rewritten that scene the way they thought it should roll out – maybe even rewritten the whole episode. Hell, some people would prefer to write off an entire season and start again.

And thus, we have fan fiction. Fiction based off a tv show/book/movie/etc, with the author’s own original twist to supplement what they felt was lacking in the ‘official’ storyline.

Of course, not all fan fiction comes about because we want to change a storyline. Sometimes we want to add to it, build upon it. Use it to test out creativity, hone our writing skills, feel a sense of community with those who enjoy what we write.

If you’re fortunate enough to come across a well written piece of fan fiction, it can open you to a realm of fan-iverse you may never have known existed. It can take a simple tv show/movie/book/etc and turn it into a living breathing thing. (At the risk of sounding crazy… *cough cough*)

I believe fan fiction is what kept the Dark Angel fandom alive for so long after the show itself was cancelled. And I believe that there are still people out there today who write Dark Angel fan fiction, despite how very long ago the show ended. I’m no longer one of these people, though once I lived and breathed fan fiction. No time these days, nor inspiration – truth be told.

But I still have a healthy respect for fan fiction writers – it’s no easy task to write based on someone else’s canon. And I respect the creative outlet that fan fiction is, and how it can be an amazing launch pad into original writing.

So, my question is: Are YOU a fan of fan fiction? (Be it past or present…)

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