Fan Fiction

This page features a small showcase of the fan fic available at TBW’s Fan Fiction Archive.

Darkness of Life by Enigma
multichapter, incomplete
Summary: A soldier has been resurrected and White has great plans for him. (Yep, it’s Ben)

Time Heals All Moons by Roonblah
M/A implied, multi-chapter.
Summary: Driven by desperation for the man she loves, Max destroyed her friendship with Alec. The Transgenic nation has also grown into exactly what she intended: independant thinkers who are living real lives. Can Max adapt to this new world and change her perceptions of what, or who, she thought she knew? Does Alec have room in his life for her now that he is his own man with his own family and life?

Rindu by Griever
M/L, angst, standalone
Summary: She never thought she’d see him again.

Manticore by Lexie
Standalone (one shot)
Summary: In the name of science and patriotism, this is sheer brilliance.

Supernova by Intodust
Summary: When Logan asks for Max’s help in investigating a series of murders, she reluctantly agrees. As events spiral out of control, they’re forced to come to terms with ghosts of the past – and the future.

Drowning by Drea Jackman
Summary: Suddenly cast out of the only life he’s ever known, Alec is alone and dealing with it the only way he knows how. But, who’ll be there to throw him a life line when he’s going under?

Unsatisfactory by Mystic
Summary: FeatureBefore a training mission, Ben ponders whether any of the X5’s are nomalies. (Setting: Manticore 2009)

Always Remember C.R.E.A.M. by JetBlack
Summary: When Normal loses JamPony, Max and Alec embark on a grand road trip to save their jobs and maybe have a little fun and make a little extra cash on the side.

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