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02:20 – Love Among the Runes

Episode Transcript –
Original Airdate: 26/04/02

Writer: Moira Kirkland Dekker & Jose Molina
Director: James Whitmore Jr.

Guest Cast:

Henri Lubatti as CJ Sandeman
Michael Sbrizzi as Biggs
Peter Shinkoda as Albino X
Ronald Selmour as Dan
Darren Moore as Bystander
David Haysom as Checkpoint Cop
Craig Lapthorne as Uniformed Cop
Rey-Phillip Santos as Albino transgenic

Semi-Regular Cast:
Jase-Anthony Griffith as Operative 2
Mark Lukyn as Operative 1
Darcy Laurie as Dix
Brian Jensen as Mole
Fred Ewanuick as Luke
Craig Veroni as Otto
Paul Perri as Senator McKinley
Gabrielle Rose as Moorehead
Dominka Wolski as Priestess

Max begins to develop strange markings on her body while leading a transgenic resistance against White, when he attempts to capture one of her “brothers”. However, the transgenics are stunned by revealed secrets about their “father” that threaten all that they believe and stir up many more questions. Meanwhile, the Terminal City dwellers mount a campaign to battle the humans hunting them down, and Alec learns why Logan has been keeping his distance from his former friends.


  • Just when you thought he’d remain ignorant forever… Sketchy finds out that Max and Alec are transgenics.

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Information Credits:

Here we discover the connection between Familiar and Transgenic is much closer than we realised. In this episode CJ reveals that Sandeman was a familiar who turned his back on the breeding cult because they refused to allow him to use science and technology to strengthen the species – his primary reason for wanting to do so seemed to be in order to save his weak son. I’ve always been fascinated by this, especially as I became further drawn into the familiar story arc. What are your thoughts on this? Putting aside the fact that the government eventually stepped in and took over Manticore, turning it into a military project, and focusing on why Sandeman began splicing and dicing in the first place; do you believe Sandeman was really the wonderful ‘Father’ Joshua trusted him to be, or an excommunicated familiar who was simply looking out for his own?

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