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02:17 – Hello Goodbye

Episode Transcript –

Original Airdate: 05/04/02
Writer: Jose Molina
Story: Jose Molina & Cindi Grossenbacher
Director: Jeff Woolnough

Guest Cast:
Noah Beggs as Detective Krakow
Gerry Durand as ND Cop
Sadie Lawrence as Young Widow
Paul Moniz de Sa as Uniformed Cop
Evan Stewart as Anchorman

Semi-Regular Cast:
Kandyse McClure as Annie Fisher
Rehka Sharma as Dr. Beverly Shankar
Craig Veroni as Otto
Mark Lukyn as Operative 1
Jase-Anthony Griffith as Operative 2
Gabrielle Rose as Mrs. Moorehead
Mike Michell as Mule

After a near-fatal incident with Logan, Max decides to end their relationship for good. A murder committed by Alec’s Manticore twin, Ben, puts him under suspicion and places all of the transgenics in jeopardy…thanks to White and his leakage to the media. Meanwhile, Joshua finds the perfect woman, but can’t find the courage to confess his secret.

In Depth:
When Logan contracts the retrovirus once again, Max decides the only way to keep him safe is to let him go. Alec is arrested for murder, but is rescued by Max after she learns he’s being held for the crimes of his dead twin. Their tedious friendship is strengthened when Max confides in Alec over the fate of Ben, but when Logan witnesses Alec leaving her apartment the following morning, he jumps to conclusions.

Alec learns of Joshua’s infatuation with Annie, meanwhile White makes a bold move against the transgenics by exposing a transhuman to the public. And witnessing the tranhuman being beaten and shot dead by Sector Police on the news, Alec convinces Joshua that the only way to protect Annie is to send her away.

Later that evening, Max arrives at Logan’s apartment to show him a link she’s discovered between Sandeman and the Familiars, but instead finds a hurt Logan filled with drunken accusations. Realising this may be the best way to make him accept that it’s over, she allows him to believe she’s seeing Alec. The episode concludes with Max’s profound realization about life: Love sucks.

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Information Credits: & the Hello, Goodbye Fanlisting (in-depth synopsis)

There’s no doubt this is one of the most landmark episodes of season two. Max and Alec share a platonic intimacy that strengthens their friendship (or rather, creates a friendship between them) – a scene that not only builds upon both of their characters but also sends M/A fans world-wide into palpatations. And in turn the M/L ship is rocked when Max allows Logan to believe she’s seeing Alec, thus ending their relationship for the sake of Logan’s life. Wowses. And let’s not forget lonely Joshua who at last meets someone to love. An incredibly moving episode for everyone involved. Characters and fans alike. So what aspect of Hello Goodbye one the most impact on you?

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