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02:21 – Freak Nation

Episode Transcript  – 
Original Airdate: 03/05/02

Writer: Ira Steven Behr & René Echevarria
Story: James Cameron & Charles H. Eglee
Director: James Cameron

Guest Cast:
Christine Willes – Church Lady
Lita – Thula
Erin Karpluk – Gem
Jeffrey Ballard – Dalton
Rick Worthy – Clemente
David Purvis –
Tahmoh Penikett – ND Cop

Semi-Regular Cast:
Darcy Laurie – Dix
Brian Jensen – Mole
Fred Ewanuick – Luke
Craig Veroni – Otto
Gabrielle Rose – Mrs. Moorehead

Max is forced to expose her true identity to the world,
when she must defend her own kind during a potentially deadly hostage situation
at Jam Pony, involving Joshua and Alec.


  • During filming, WWF’s Lita was involved in an accident in which she suffered
    severe neck injuries. She has not returned to the WWE following the
  • Fox cancelled the show so they could afford to produce
    what was the highly anticipated sci-fi western Firefly from Buffy creator Joss
    Whedon. It would have been too costly to produce two futuristic sci-fi shows
    with expensive sets,speicial effects,etc. Rather than stick with Dark
    Angel,which was getting mediocre ratings, Fox felt it was worth the risk to axe
    this show and replace it with Firefly. Of course, in the end , Fox was wrong in
    making that decision as not only did Dark Angel much better ratings than Firefly
    but there were problems from day one with Firefly as the pilot was not
    satisfying enough by Fox standards and had to be reshot.

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I’ll make this one simple. Freak Nation – love it or hate it?

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