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02:18 – Dawg Day Afternoon

Episode Transcript –

Original Airdate: 12/04/02

Writer: Robert Doherty
Director: Kenneth Biller

Guest Cast:
Malcolm Stewart as Director Paul Simms
Josh Byer as Zed
David Coles as Quint
Jorgito Vargas as Bug
Bobby Stewart as Bald Cop
Evan Stewart as Anchorman
L. Harvey Gold as Lawyer
Mark Burgess as Reverend Caldwell
David Berner as Host
Brad Loree as Sector Cop 1
Darryl Scheelar as Sector Cop 2
Dion Luthor as Reporter
Mike LePage as Perimeter Cop
Mitchell Kosterman as Lieutenant
Dagmar Midcap as Newswoman
J.J. Johnson as T-Shirt Vendor

Semi-Regular Cast:
Kandyse McClure as Annie Fisher
Craig Veroni as Otto
Gabrielle Rose as Mrs. Moorehead
Mark Lukyn as Operative 1

Max must break her vow to avoid Logan after Joshua’s friendship with the blind woman makes him a target of a transgenic manhunt in the sewers. Meanwhile, White leaks news of the human-looking X-5s to the media, leading to a wide-scale attack against the so-called “monsters” running amok and to the death of a someone dear to one of the transgenics.

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Is there no end to how cold-blooded and ruthless White can be? Of course not, he’s not exactly human. That’s gotta give a bad guy some edge. So as well as the usual ‘what did you think of this ep’ query, I’m also wondering… of all we’ve seen at the lengths White will go to to see the transgenics wiped out, who do you think was the better bad guy: White? Or Lydecker? (You know, before we began to see Deck’s empathy for his ‘children’.)

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