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02:16 – Exposure

Episode Transcript –

Original Airdate: 22/03/02

Writer: Moira Kirkland Dekker
Director: Stephen Williams

Guest Cast:
Callum Keith Rennie as Sheriff Lamar
Garwin Sanford as Priest
Malcolm Stewart as Director Paul Simms
Devin Douglas Drewitz as Samuel
Aaron Douglas as Clerk
Mike Mitchell as Transhuman
Alex Rae as Shop Clerk
Stephen Spender as Security Guard

Semi-Regular Cast:
Craig Veroni as Otto
Gabrielle Rose as Mrs. Moorehead
Brayden Bullen as Ray White
Emily Holmes as Wendy Olsen-White
Mark Lukyn as Operative 1
Jase-Anthony Griffith as Operative 2
Dominika Wolski as Priestess

Max and Logan track Ames’ kidnapped son, Ray, to a small town where the breeding cult known as the Familiars, are readying Manticore’s youngest creations for a mysterious ceremony.


  • Normal reveals Sketchy’s real name as Calvin Simon Theodore.

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This ep provides a large piece for the puzzle that is the Breeding Cult, while at the same time complexifies our understanding of the Familiars all the more. Ancient snake blood ceremonies? And what the dickens is ‘the Coming’? Wait a minute, let me just fish out my copy of Wacky Cult Rituals for Dummies. Okay I do love the Familiars – well mainly I love White. And it doeskinda make you consider whether you like your superhuman to be like your orange juice; GE or 100% pure and organic?

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