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02:13 – Harbor Lights

Episode Transcript –

Original Airdate: 08/02/02

Writer: Robert Doherty

Director: Kenneth Biller

Guest Cast:

Enuka Okuma as Dr. Harrington

Sarah Strange as Nurse Betty

Jerry Wasserman as Dr. George

Tara Fynn as Mother at Gas Lineup

Alexander Farquharson as Boy at Gas Lineup

Ben Cotton as Biker at Gas Lineup

Bobby Stewart as Sector Cop 1

Todd Talbot as Paramedic 1

Sharon Heath as Nurse

Alanis Peart as Second Nurse

Kwesi Ameyaw as Lab Tech

Laara Sadiq as Attending Nurse

Craig Veroni as Otto

Ari Soloman as CDC Tech

Kaare Anderson as Sector Cop 2

Dagmar Midcap as Reporter

Mark Lukyn as White’s Guy

Donavon Stinson as Bill – Channel 3 News

Oscar Goncalves as Sector Cop 3

Robert Smith as Pinstriped Suit Man

Semi-Regular Cast:

Brian Markinson as Dr. Sam Carr


When Max is accidentally shot during a botched robbery attempt and taken to a local hospital for emergency treatment, her true transgenic identity is threatened with exposure when abnormal qualities show up in her medical test results. Weakened by her injury and quarantined by the Center for Disease Control, Max, with Logan’s technological and logistical support, struggles to figure a way out of her dangerous situation before her biological origins are discovered. Adding to her problem is the fact that White has located her within the hospital and has ordered one of his team on the inside to destroy her.

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Question: What do you remember most about this episode, and why? And what did you think of the scene at the end where the doc hands Max’s file to the mystery man? Were the writers trying to hint at something? Forshadowing for a future plot twist that never had a chance to develop perhaps? Or was it just a scene created to fill in the last few seconds of airtime?

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