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02:12 – Borrowed Time

Episode Transcript –

Original Airdate: 01/02/02

Writer: Jose Molina

Director: David Straiton

Guest Cast:

Dee Jay Jackson as Gordie

Peter Williams as Hal

Scott Bellis as Delbert

Tony Alcantar as Irving

Fiona Hogan as Muriel

Sarah Cole-Burnett as Emma

Ryan Drescher as Tim


When Max and Logan finally find a cure for their genetically engineered virus, it turns out to be only temporary. Their time together is limited and to make matters worse they have to stop a strange Manticore creation that is on the loose in Seattle and preying on people.
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Question: Many fans had strong feelings towards this episode. At last Max and Logan can touch, but they’ve only 10 hours 50 minutes up their sleeve. What are they waiting for?! Let’s not blow this on a quickie, let’s make each minute count – with pasta. What the?? And then there was the ant-eater/dinosaur/dog creature. Gazapo? Gazza… Gosimer. Whatever. Anyway, what did you think of the whole thing?

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