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02:11 – The Berrisford Agenda

Episode Transcript –

Original Airdate: 18/01/02

Writer: Moira Kirkland Dekker

Director: Thomas J. Wright

Guest Cast:

Ty Olsson as Mario

Meghan Ory as Rachel Berrisford

Michael Kopsa as Robert Berrisford

Micah Gardener as Simon Lehane

Jacob Chaos as Lab Coat Man

Eric Breker as Agent 1

Susanne Ristic as Maid

Semi-Regular Cast:

Fulvio Cecere as Agent Sandoval


While being haunted by music from the past, Alec must revisit one of his Manticore missions that went bad and resulted in the loss of his one true love. Max attempts to put the pieces of Alec’s past together and upon discovery of the truth sets out to help him as best she can.


  • This episode previously titled “Pain Boy”.


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Question: As one of the most revealing and defining episodes for Alec’s personality, the Berrisford Agenda also gave us insights into the way of life within Manticore’s walls, and the consequences of disobeying orders, thus providing great source of discussion for DA fans. What are your thoughts on this ep? Your favourite moments?

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