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02:09 – Medium is the Message

Episode Transcript –

Original Airdate: 04/12/01

Writer: Michael Angeli

Director: Jeff Woolnough

Guest Cast:

Robert Carter as Bald Transgenic

Claudette Roche as Rita

Simon Burnett as Purebred 1

Christopher Gordon as Purebred 2

Semi-Regular Cast:

Craig Veroni as Otto

Brayden Bullen as Ray White

Emily Holmes as Wendy Olsen-White


Max and Logan find themselves caught up in a spellbinding kidnapping case, that takes surprising turns when they learn the boy is the son of the infamous Mr. White. White, upon learning of Max’s quest to find his son, decides to turn the tables and capture her instead and Max must race against time to save the boy, herself and discover the truth behind White’s identity.


  • The title of this episode comes from the oft-quoted “The medium is the message”, by H. Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), a Canadian author, teacher, and intellectual. McLuhan’s statement, made in 1966, referred to his destain of television, and the fact that television producers didn’t really care what was being said, only that people watched.

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Question: What was your reaction when it was revealed that White is as – if not more – ‘superhuman’ than a transgenic? Do you think the whole breeding cult thing increased or decreased the appeal of Dark Angel?

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