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02:08 – Gill Girl

Episode Transcript –

Original Airdate: 07/12/01

Writer: Marjorie David

Director: Bryan Spicer

Guest Cast:

Anita Brown as Gill Girl

Jesse Hutch as Gill Guy

Jessica Amlee as Brittany

Darcy Laurie as Ike

Scott Heindl as Jack

Gus Lynch as Mack

Kendall Cross as Bitsy

Amanda Hardy as Veronica

Daryl Quon as Bouncer

Mark Lukyn as Tec

Angela Moore as Nurse Betty

Semi-Regular Cast:

Craig Veroni as Otto

Brian Markinson as Dr. Sam Carr


Alec and Max set out to rescue an aquatic transgenic caught at sea from White, but the creature’s mate throws a wrench into Max’s plans. Meanwhile, Logan has a brush with death after he and Max get a little too close while babysitting his niece.


  • Brian Jensen who plays ‘Cop at Venue’ later comes back to play our belovedly sarcastic, cigar smoking lizard man, Mole.

Information Credits:

Question: What did you think of the idea of Manticore creating trangenics such as the ‘gill girl’, to use in underwater espionage? What did you think of the scene between Max and Alec in the Blowfish Tavern?

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