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02:05 – Boo

Episode Transcript –

Original Airdate: 02/11/01

Writer: Moira Kirkland Dekker & Charles H. Eglee

Director: Les Landau

Guest Cast:

Deanne Henry as Serena, Rafer’s Mom

Jillian Marie as Tina

Todd Stashwick as Sally

Sarah Carter as Katarina

G. Michael Gray as Dieter
Travis MacDonald as Bum

Jillian Marie Hubert as Trina

Leslie Jones as Waitress

Rob DeLeeuw as Man

Jona Ritter as Asha Lookalike

Jason Albertini as Logan Lookalike

Angelika Baran as Pretty Redhead

French Tickner as Father McAllister

Brian Jensen as Cop At Venue

Semi-Regular Cast:

Kevin Durand as Joshua

Kris Pope as Rafer

Ashley Scott as Asha Barlowe


On Halloween night, Max finds her “normal” world turned upside down when the creatures she let out of Manticore are able to walk the streets freely without fear of exposure. As she and Joshua, with a crazy band of characters, race against time to find a headless body before it carries out its intended lethal mission, Max is faced with the reality that Asha and Logan are getting closer than ever.


  • Brian Jensen who plays ‘Cop at Venue’ later comes back to play our belovedly sarcastic, cigar smoking lizard man, Mole.

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