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02:01 – Designate This

Episode Transcript: 02.01 – Designate This

Original Airdate: 28/09/01

After months of being imprisoned at Manticore, Max has resisted powerful attempts at re-programming and breeding and plans her escape from the genetics lab. She is aided in her breakout by the gentle but beast-like Joshua, an early Manticore creation, and together they release all the other Manticore creatures. Max attempts to reunite with Logan, only to discover that he is now number one on Manticore’s most wanted list.

Further description
The second season of Dark Angel introduces new characters and conflicts. After blowing up Manticore’s genetic lab at the end of season one, Max is recaptured and attempts are made to reindoctrinate her into being a loyal soldier. However, the new director of Manticore Dr. Renfro, learns that some things just don’t get through to Max. All the same, Renfro decides Max’s rebellion can have it’s uses, and begins the development of a retro-virus targeted at the DNA of  “Eyes Only”.
Meanwhile, Max has been introduced to the consequences of blowing up a genetics lab.
His designation is X5-494, and he’s been assigned as her breeding partner. X5-494 is the twin of Ben, a transgenic Max grew up with and whom she was forced to kill to save him from recapture. After Max renames him Alec (for “smart aleck”) and kicks him across the room, she continues with her plans for escape. Alec and her new ‘nomolie’ friend Joshua give her a hand to get out, and she runs to Logan – whom she promptly infects with the deadly retrovirus.
Que Alec, who has followed Max to Logan’s apartment under Renfro’s orders, to ensure the virus has done the trick. Alec informs Max that there’s an antidote, but she has to return to Manticore with Logan to recieve it. Never one to take orders, Max decides to instead finish the Eyes Only broadcast on the details of Manticore, which results in Renfro locking down and cauterizing the facility – along with everyone inside it.
With such a handy distraction, Max sneaks back in to swipe the antidote, and sets free the remaining transgenics while she’s at it (those who haven’t already been crispied).
Logan is given the antidote and recovers from the virus, and will continue to remain in good health – providing Max never touches him ever again. And as if Seattle doesn’t already have enough on it’s plate, there’s now a few hundred battle-trained transgenics on the prowl – some a little less than human.

Writer: Moira Kirkland Dekker
Director: Jeff Woolnough

Guest Cast:
Antonio Cupo as Male X5
Yee Jee Tso as Lanky Messenger
Ian Marsh as Drill Sergeant
Daniel Bacon as Control Room Tech 1
Norman Armour as Sleazy Clerk
Paul J. Anderson as Manticore Guard
Sean Bockhold as X7 Twin
Kevin Conway as Operative At Warehouse
David Coles as Forensics Cleaner
Adam Henderson as Manticore Doctor
Brian Drummond as TAC Officer 1

Semi-Regular Cast:
Kevin Durand as Joshua
Ashley Scott as Asha Barlowe
Grace Park as Female Breeding X5
Nana Visitor as Dr. Elizabeth Renfro
Geneva Locke as Young Max
John Savage as Colonel Donald Michael Lydecker
Robert Gossett as Col. Jim McGinnis

Information Credits: & The Broken World

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