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01:21 – And Jesus Brought A Casserole

Episode Transcript: 01.21 – And Jesus Brought A Casserole

When Max and Zack gather a team of X-5 soldiers in an attempt to bring down Manticore, they are aided by an unexpected ally – Lydecker.

Season One Wrap Up
The first season ends on a tragic, yet hopeful note. The X-5’s have completed their inevitable mission, returning to Manticore for a final showdown. But success has a high price: Zack and a nearly-dead Max are captured by Renfro. To save his sister’s life, Zack sacrifices himself – providing a healthy X-5 heart that is immediately transplanted into her body. Max survives, vowing to fight her oppressors at all costs. And Logan sits alone atop the Seattle Space Needle, wondering if all the events of the past year really happened.

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Original Airdate:05/22/01

Writers: Rene Echevarria and Charles H. Eglee
Director: Joe Ann Fogle

Guest Cast:
Nicki Aycox as Sly
Josh Alba as Krit

Semi-Regular Cast:
Nicole Bilderback as Brin
Lisa Ann Cabasa as Tinga
William Gregory Lee as Zack
Nana Visitor as Renfro
Robert Gossett as McGinnis

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