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Dark Angel FAQ

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Q. Will there be a Dark Angel movie or Season 3?

A. It’s unlikely. However, according to this interview with Jessica Alba back in 2008, a movie may be possible in the future, if James Cameron ever gives the word.

IESB: Any thought into making Dark Angel into a film?

Jessica  Alba: We’ve talked about it, I want to work with Jim so I would pretty much  do anything he wants to do.


Q. Why was Dark Angel cancelled? 

A. Word on the street was that Michael Weatherly (who was in a relationship with Jessica Alba at the time) didn’t want a love triangle between Logan/Max/Alec.



Q. How old was Max when she escaped Manticore? 

A. 9 years old.


Q. How many others escaped with her? 

A. 11.


Q. What are the names of the other escapees? 

A.  Max, Zack, Ben, Brin, Zane, Tinga, Jondy, Krit, Syl.    The Eyes Only Dossier book (released after S2’s cancellation) also named the three other escapees as Vada, Seth and Kavi.


Q. What happened to the other X5’s who escaped Manticore?

A. Ben turned into a psychopath who murdered people then removed their teeth. In an effort to stop him, Max broke his leg in a fight, then snapped his neck at his request to stop the Manticore TAC team – who were closing in – from capturing him.

Zack was kind of the Commanding Officer of the escapees, and was in charge of helping  them to keep beneath Manticore’s radar. He grew frustrated at his inability to convince Max to leave Seattle (and Logan) but was eventually captured by Manticore to save her. He escaped, but in the final ep of S1 he shot himself in the head to once again save Max. Incredibly, Manticore saved him – only to use his organ for other soldiers wounded in battle – and then he was shipped away to another Manticore facility where his missing/damaged pieces were replaced with cyborg parts and he was injected with nano-technology.  He escaped again, was found by Max, but he flipped out and tried to kill Logan. Max electrocuted him, but he again cheated death but lost his memory in the process. Logan and Max sent him to live on a ranch as a farm hand. For his own safety *cough cough*.

Syl and Krit appeared in the final episode of Season One to help bring down the Manticore labs, and then were never seen or mentioned in the show again.


Q. How old was Max in Season One?

A.  19.


Q. When did the Pulse hit? 

A.  June 1st, 2009 12.05


Q. Why did Max take medication in Season 1? 

A.  To the control the seizures she experiences due to her inability to make serotonin. In one episode she says “which my brain’s supposed to make but doesn’t”.


Q. What is the medication that Max takes in Season 1? 

A. Tryptophan. If she can’t get hold of Tryptophan, she drinks milk as that can help her for a little while.


Q. Why did her seizures stop in Season Two? 

A. Presumably, Manticore doctors cured them when she was captured at the end of Season One.


Q. In which episode did Alec wear the blue towel? 

A. Ah, the infamous blue towel… That was Harbor Lights.


Q. What is Max’s barcode number? 

A. 332960073452


Q. When was Zack born?

A. 9.13.1997


Q. What is Zack’s barcode number and designation?

A. Barcode 330417291599 Designation 599


Q. What are the designations/barcodes of the other transgenics?

A. Alec – 494

Sam – 453


Q. When was Logan born? 

A. 11/11/88 (Reference: Female Trouble)


Q. Who created Manticore?

A. Sandeman was the scientist behind the creation of Manticore. He started out in a lab in what is now Terminal City, before the United States government stepped in… As an added twist to the origins of the X5s, Sandeman was also a familiar who began genetic engineering to try and save his son CJ from the Prophesy his people believed in. He is also the father of Ames White.


Q. Does Logan ever walk again?

A. Yes. After receiving a blood transfusion from Joshua (ep: Hello, Goodbye), the transgenic antibodies in Logan’s blood allows his nerve cells to regenerate and heal, and he no longer needs to wear the exo-skeleton to walk (ep: She Aint Heavy). Unlike his previous transgenic blood transfusion from Max  (ep: Blah Blah Woof Woof) which only temporarily cured his paralysis, this transfusion has healed him much faster, leaving him confident that this time the antibodies might stick. Although he can walk without the exo-skeleton, he later puts it on and discovers it gives his legs strength on par with that of a transgenic, and so begins wearing it again as an ‘enhancer’ (ep: Love Among the Runes).



Q. Who are the Familiars?

A. A breeding cult originating from Ancient Minoa. Over the centuries, through selective breeding, they have managed to create a superhuman species capable of strength and abilities that match that of the X5s. They believe in a Phophesy that claims a deadly comet will wipe out humanity – all except those strong enough to survive the deadly toxins it will release. This prophesy is the reason Sandeman, a Familiar, founded Manticore.


Q. Who was Renfro?

A. Renfro’s a bit of a mystery. She had the same R.C.F. ENVIRONMENTAL CLEAN-UP AND DISPOSAL ID as the two familiars who kidnapped Ray in Medium is the Message. This leads to the question of, was she some kind of familiar or ‘double agent’?? Unfortunately, it seems not even the writers knew where they were going with this one, as her storyline was dropped soon after.


Q. What is the music Max and Logan dance to in Blah Blah Woof Woof?

A. Valse Triste



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